Jakarta sky in the afternoon of March 11st (photo by writer)

i want to talk about the sky,

its beauty, and surprises.

when i see clouds in the sky, i like to look at it and see what shapes i could make of it, even when they are all messed up together.

and sometimes the sky would turn orange and i would get scared while also in awe because of how saturated the color could be,

sometimes when it gets dark and i could barely see anything, i couldn’t help but wonder what goes beyond it,

sometimes it would be a mix of pink and yellow and blue and purple, and it would remind me of that one pad*le p*p ice cream my mom used to buy for me after getting my school report,

then sometimes it would be as bright as it could get, leaving me having to squint my eyes looking at it.

see, i’d like to think of life the way i look at the sky,

with its beauty and surprises,

mysteriousness and challenges.

it may get as dark or as bright, and sometimes i would notice nothing but how dark or bright it is.

but when a little bit of clouds came, i’d realize how temporary yet indefinite all of it are.

and when i’m in a blue-sky type of day, i’d like to wonder what shapes i could make of out of this messy journey called life.



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