once upon a dream

“time flies when you’re having fun”

they laughed. such a cliché saying, they thought.

“it’s true, though. look at the time. i bet the next time we look out the window, it’s gonna be morning and the sun is gonna be up already.”

“yeah, i guess..”, she let out a small laugh. “okay what was i saying?”

she went on with her story. that night she was telling the tale of cinderella, as per his request, with some adjustment since she couldn’t remember how the original goes exactly.

“do some monologues, tell me a story. i like the way you talk.” he once said many moons ago, back when she was still clueless of how these monologues would turn into something she would hold dearly.

it was 1 in the morning. they laid in bed and it was her turn to tell a story. it’s what they do, you see. they’d take turns to do monologues and storytellings to help each other sleep better and ease away from anxiety and life pressures. a session of bedtime stories, if you must say. though most nights she could never have fallen asleep before him, regardless of whose turn was it.

what a beautiful way to close the night. if only they could have that every night for the rest of their lives, she thought. such simple moments like these made her happy. it was what she craved for, as she made the mistake to fully let her guard down in a questionable situation. she craved for intimacy and faithfulness and safeness and trust and the feeling of ease. or so she thought that was.

well, that’s what they used to do, anyway. it’s ironic, isn’t it, to have some moments that used to be a safe sanctuary turn to be a big trigger of uneasiness in the present day when they are remembered. either way, it was good while it lasted.

now she’s starting over a new leaf. maybe they will cross paths again someday, under better circumstances and it will finally be the right time. maybe they won’t. who knows? until then, she will try her best to discover her sense of self, parts of herself that haven’t yet appeared to the surface. to challenge herself in order to become the woman she wants to be. most importantly, to not repeat the same mistakes and do better.

and she claims, it feels good to open a new chapter in a new surroundings, though a piece of her will always remember how it all used to start with a once upon a time and now a once upon a dream it could only be.



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